Treasures Thrift Store

Treasures Thrift Store is a non-profit business that supports Northern Hills Training Center (NHTC). All of the merchandise comes from generous donations from the surrounding communities, with all of the profits from sales going back to NHTC. The store carries clothing, home décor, books, and all other household items. 

Treasures employs individuals who are supported by NHTC. The employees work in all aspects of the business, and extra attention is given to finding each person’s strengths to help find their niche in the store. Employees take a lot of pride in their   work including focusing on how pieces are displayed, and keeping items clean and organized. This attention to detail shows by what some of their customers are saying about the quality of service: “Your store is so organized; you guys do a great job!” “We love shopping here, the staff is so friendly.” Through Treasures Thrift Store, customers have learned more about NHTC and have developed respect and friendships with the employees.The thrift store is also in a situation where they are able to give back to the community by helping people that may need clothing or household items; the store is working partners with Behavior Management Systems, the Artemis House and Good Shephard Clinic.


Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm/ Saturday: 9:30am- 3:00pm

Donations accepted during store hours.


Treasures Thrift Store
714 North 5th Street
Spearfish, SD 57783