Meg McNeese from Rose Group Int’l®️ has been conducting monthly leadership development and project management training sessions with all frontline supervisors.

Meg’s sessions have been a joy for our supervisors, set apart from other training programs by their engaging quality. She provides a treasure trove of invaluable insights, fueling our team’s excitement for learning and professional growth within our company!

The supervisors that are attending say…

  • She makes things so fun it doesn’t feel like we are in training.
  • We learn so many tips that we can use every day in our jobs.
  • Love that NHTC is investing in us.
  • Meg is awesome!
  • Lots of great information. 
  • Best training I’ve ever been to.

Thanks to Meg from Rose Group Int’l®️ and April Galea for setting this up for our team! Check out more from Rose Group Int’l here.