The hours for NHTC main building will be changing for the summer months. The intent of the summer schedule is to provide a cost-free incentive to our hard-working staff so they may enjoy a bit more of the summer with their families.

Effective June 3 through August 30, the hours of the NHTC main building at 625 Harvard will be 7:30 AM -4:30 PM, Monday through Thursday, and 8 AM – Noon on Fridays. The NHTC main building will be closed to the public after 12:00 PM on all Fridays. 

PLEASE NOTE: this change will not affect any services provided to the persons we support. The schedules for day services (Connections, Harvard, employment supports) will be exactly the same as they are now.  Your family member will not experience any disruptions to their day-to-day schedules due to staff working an alternative schedule.

Staff have the option to following an alternative schedule if they are part of the following teams: Directors, day/vocational supervisors, residential supervisors, MSA staff, specialists and finance office staff.  If staff follow an alternate schedule, they will be working extended hours on Monday through Thursday and working 4 hours on Friday AM. All work schedules will be between 7 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Thursday, and 7-Noon on Fridays. Please note not all staff will be following an alternative schedule.

NHTC will maintain a core team of staff in the building on Friday afternoons for any issues or emergencies that may arise. 

If you have any questions regarding this change, please feel free to contact us at your earliestĀ convenience.Ā 

Written by Taylor Guthmiller-Martin
Last modified on: Tuesday, May 28th, 2024 @ 1:50 pm
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