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NHTC Services

Residential Services

The Residential Services department at NHTC offers a range of living options for the individuals we serve.


Our homes and dedicated staff offer service levels designed to support the needs of our individuals to give them as much independence as possible. Alternatively, individuals can opt for shared living provider homes, where they integrate into an existing family setting and participate in a communal life. For some, the preference may be to continue living with their family members.

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Group Home

A NHTC group home offers a living arrangement for individuals receiving services. Staff ensure daily needs are met, creating opportunities for residents to actively engage in the Spearfish community. With 24/7 staffing, the focus is on continuous support. NHTC has seven strategically placed homes designed to seamlessly integrate into the Spearfish community, fostering inclusion and community engagement.

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Supervised Residential Program

In a NHTC supervised apartment, individuals live independently in a Spearfish community-integrated apartment. They handle rent and all typical apartment responsibilities. As a step up from group homes, employees check in a couple of times daily, providing support but are absent overnight. Individuals learn to contact employees and emergency services in case of emergencies.

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Monitored Residential

Similar to a Supervised apartment setting, a Monitored Apartment setting signifies a higher level of independence. Here, an NHTC employee conducts weekly check-ins to ensure the individual’s well-being. This monitored living program takes place in community apartments and private homes owned by the individuals.

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Shared Living

The Shared Living program allows individuals with disabilities to live within established families. Upon entry, they actively participate in daily family life, including chores, events, vacations, and dining out. Eligible providers can be existing families or community members. They undergo inspections to ensure the safety and well-being of program participants.

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Family Home

The family home arrangement allows individuals to live with a current family member. They remain involved in events and activities with NHTC employees and others receiving services. Employees also work within the home to provide learning and engagement opportunities for the individuals.

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