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Since 1976, NHTC has been on a mission to empower individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to lead independent lives. Our goal is to provide the support and services needed for our individuals to achieve their unique goals.


At NHTC, we understand that every individual’s journey is unique. Whether they are seeking 24/7 care or just a little assistance on their path to independence, our services and staff are there to support them them and their goals.

If our individuals are ready to explore the world of work, our vocational department is here for them. We work with individuals who don’t have workplace experience, as well as those already in the community pursuing their dream jobs.

If work isn’t the top priority and the emphasis is on crafting a meaningful day, our Day Service department is here to help. We offer engaging activities like learning sessions, sensory experiences, volunteering opportunities, and, of course, plenty of fun to keep our individuals active and involved.

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Residential Services

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Vocational Services

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Day Services

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NHTC Enterprises

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