Staff Awards

Pie-In-The-Sky Award

Each month, the NHTC staff chooses a recipient for a cherished award in the company. The “Pie-In-The-Sky Award” is given in recognition of going above and beyond all expectations to fulfill the Purpose In Everyone (PIE). This month, Northern Hills Training Center proudly presents the award to:

Graham Wickwire

When Graham walks by, you know you are going to get a smile and a warm hello! Graham has a positive attitude and brings joy to those around him. He loves working with the people we support, and it shows every day in his work. Congrats, Graham!

  • January: Rich Mulholland
  • March: Jennifer Smolik
  • April: Christine Green
  • May: Graham Wickwire

NHTC Supervisors Attend Monthly Leadership Development

Meg McNeese from Rose Group Int’l®️ has been conducting monthly leadership development and project management training sessions with all frontline supervisors.

Meg’s sessions have been a joy for our supervisors, set apart from other training programs by their engaging quality. She provides a treasure trove of invaluable insights, fueling our team’s excitement for learning and professional growth within our company!

The supervisors that are attending say…

  • She makes things so fun it doesn’t feel like we are in training.
  • We learn so many tips that we can use every day in our jobs.
  • Love that NHTC is investing in us.
  • Meg is awesome!
  • Lots of great information. 
  • Best training I’ve ever been to.

Thanks to Meg from Rose Group Int’l®️ and April Galea for setting this up for our team! Check out more from Rose Group Int’l here.

NHTC Receives New Safety Grant

On Monday, April 29, 2024, Northern Hills Training Center (NHTC) was presented with a $1,000.00 check from Risk Administrative Services (RAS).  The $1,000.00 will be going toward the purchase of a salt/sand spreader to address slippery parking lots.  Last year, NHTC was awarded a grant from RAS that went toward giving every employee a pair of slip-on winter walking spikes.  RAS has been NHTC’s Workman’s Compensation insurer since 2013 helping NHTC’s employees work in a safe working environment.  

Pictured from left to right are:  

Mark Weber, Maintenance Transportation Officer (NHTC), 

Jeff Jones, Business Development Manager (RAS),

Dr. Michelle Powers, Chief Executive Officer (NHTC), 

Ryan Aalbu, Chief Director of Operations (NHTC), 

Bret Green, Insurance Agent (HUB International), 

Theresa Parish, Ergonomics and Loss Control Specialist (RAS)

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