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From the Employee Recognition Committee.... 

During the second week of each month, a department will be introduced as a way for us to learn more about programs supported at NHTC.  The June Program of the Month is King Street.  Here is this program's bio.....

King Street is the home of four gentlemen who enjoy a slew of activities.  It is not uncommon to find them at the movie theater, enjoying some ice cream at Leone’s, enjoying the scenery at the Fish Hatchery and taking in the events in the surrounding communities. This summer the guys are going to find out how green their thumbs are with a container garden in their backyard; wish them well in this endeavor.  

The staff that enjoy these activities with the guys include six Direct Support Professionals and their  Direct Support Supervisor.  

Congratulations to the nominees for the 2018 1st Quarter Blue Diamond Award......

Heather Cook (730 Harvard)….came in at 5:45am for an extra shift to help, even though she wasn’t scheduled to work until 8am-8pm.   She knowingly came in early to see how morning shift is done so that she can be as prepared as possible for when she makes the switch from evening shift to day shift in March.  Heather watched how things were done and jumped in to help throughout the entire time she was not clocked in.

Glenna O’Grady (Community Supervised)….Glenna was able to identify that an individual that she supports really enjoys attending plays, and after realizing this and doing some research, she discovered that the Matthews Opera House was looking for individuals to try out for a play.   Glenna encouraged this individual to try out and took them to auditions.   The individual ended up receiving a part in the paly and Glenna was there every step of the way providing encouragement and helping this individual succeed in reaching their goal.

And the winner is.........Glenna O'Grady