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During the second week of each month, a department will be introduced as a way for us to learn more about programs supported at NHTC.  The September Program of the Month is Ryan Road.   Here is this program's bio.....

Ryan Road is a transitional living unit for individuals to succeed in the community with independent living. Ryan Road staff teach skills such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, budgeting and hygiene just to name a few.

Nine people live at Ryan Road and they are supported by six staff.

From the Employee Recognition Committee.... 

Congratulations to the nominees for the 2018 2nd Quarter Blue Diamond Award......

Kristina Hardin (Ryan Road)…..Kristina has worked with an individual every day since starting at Ryan Road, and they have built a special bond.   This individual does not like to eat in front of people, but rather chooses to have special lunches with Kristina.  With Kristina's help, this individual attended the banquet and ate with everyone, is able to manage his shopping list, has started volunteering, has decided “retirement” wasn’t that great, and is now doing his own laundry with small prompts from Kristina.   She has been a wonderful teacher.

Brandi Walsh (Medical Services)…always has a good attitude at work.  She is always willing to lend a hand where ever it is needed.  She is able to think outside the box to find the best way to support individuals.  Brandi is always thorough in her work and works hard to make sure all of the details are taken care of.  Brandi is always kind and compassionate to those around her.   She is a great asset to NHTC.

Jen Goss (Ryan Road)….works so wonderfully with the individuals at Ryan Road.   She listens to them, has an excellent relationship with all the individuals, and loves/cares for them all.


And the winner is Kristina Hardin