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From the Employee Recognition Committee.... 

During the second week of each month, a department will be introduced as a way for us to learn more about programs supported at NHTC.   The March Program of the Month is 730 Harvard.    Here is this residence's bio.....

The residence of 730 Harvard, is located just down the street from the training center.   This house is home to five ladies.

On week days, three of the ladies are away from the house as they spend their days at Connections, at the training center or out in the community working.    In the afternoons and weekends, the ladies enjoy participating in Special Olympics, shopping, watching movies, and visiting parks and other activities in our community.

730 Harvard is staffed 24/7 by seven DSPs and their DSS.

Congratulations to the nominees for the 2017 4th Quarter Blue Diamond Award......

Tori Anderson (Connections) assisted Donna with her Halloween costume.   Donna was beaming with pride when she returned home from the Halloween party and had her staff in stitches when she told them “off with your heads”.  Tori helped Donna this year with creating not only a rocked out costume, The Queen of Hearts, she rehearsed with Donna before the party to act out the character.   The amount of enthusiasm Tori committed to the Halloween party was matched by the amount of effort and work she committed to make it a success for people supported.

Lizzie Mattson (Community Supervised) developed a five-month long art class for seven individuals.   These individuals built on art skills and interests they already possess, as well as developed new skills.  The students learned to draw, paint, and make multi-media projects.   They did individual projects as well as one group project.   The class concluded with an art exhibition, during which each artist sat by their projects and were available to answer questions.  Lizzie had to plan the curriculum, gather materials, find the strengths and weaknesses of each artist, and develop and encourage interest and participation of each artist.

Lisa Spraitz (Treasures Thrift Store) has a work ethic that is outstanding.   She is creative to find ways to help people to work as independent as they can.  Her thoughtfulness to sensitive situations and her kind ways have gained her the trust of everyone she supports.   Lisa is always willing to change her schedule to the needs at the store.  Employees and customers love her upbeat spirit.

And the winner is.........Lizzie Mattson