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From the Employee Recognition Committee.... 

During the second week of each month, a department will be introduced as a way for us to learn more about programs supported at NHTC.  The November Program of the Month is Community Supervised.   Here is this department's story.....

The Community Supervised program is comprised of four programs: Colorado, Jackson, Canyon and Tenth. Supervised supports a total of 24 individuals. These individuals are supported by nine staff from 6:00am-10:00pm. Individuals in Supervised live in their own apartments and receive supports to maintain their homes, hygiene,  and receive transportation to and from appointments, among many other supports. Supervised also provides opportunities to attend various activities including cooking class, art class, BHSU events, Special Olympic events and other community events. These individuals are also employed by various employers around the community and some also work at NHTC.


Congratulations to the nominees for the 2017 3rd Quarter Blue Diamond Award......

Brandy Lynn Flaigg (HS-7) came in on her day off and assisted an individual on an outing (Downtown Friday Nights), so he could enjoy the live band and interact with his community.   She took this opportunity to play an active role outside of his normal routine at home.

Don Prysbylski (1005 Canyon), for the past four years, has remembered an individual’s birthday and has strived to make it special for her.   Every year, Don spends his own money to buy the individual flowers and a card, and deliver them.   Don has carried on the tradition despite not having worked directly with the person for two years.   Don goes out of his way to ensure that it’s not just another day and that the person knows just how important they are.

Teri Ruzicka (Harvard), in just a few short months, has made the main NHTC building and Connections the cleanest I have ever seen.  She works super hard and is always looking for the next task to accomplish.   She includes as many people supported in her workload to teach them cleaning skills to improve their home life.   Teri has really made a huge difference here at NHTC for the building and for our people supported.

Patty Davidson (Hill Street 7) always goes above and beyond while working, always puts in more than 100% at work, and strives to get more than her work tasks done.  She is always one of the first to help others out when in need.  She always has a strong, positive attitude at work, which makes others as well.  If someone is having a rough day, she is always the first to build them up to have a better day.   Patty is always putting our people supported first and making sure they have more than what they need and makes sure they are always comfortable.

Tammy Rusk (Harvard) will drop everything to help anyone she can.  I’ve seen her do some amazing things with people supported.  She would give the shirt off her back if someone needed it.  She is the type of person we need more of in the world.

Bobbie Jo Gardella (730 Harvard) has not been the DSS at 730 Harvard for very long, five weeks to be exact.  As a Support Coordinator, the changes I have seen within 730 Harvard for the people supported have been huge.   While they are not major changes it’s the little things that are adding up; one individual is now spending more time out of her room and more time with others;  the interests of another indivudual are being discovered, which then decreases behaviors;   someone else has rediscovered Special Olympics;  new furniture and decorations welcomed a new individual to this residence; and staff morale has improved, which in turn improves their lives every day.

And the winner is.........



                                 CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF THE NOMINEES!!!!